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Photo Credit: Tri Coastal Marine

Concrete barges are increasingly being used for many water related projects such as ecology research stations, fish monitoring facilities, yacht clubs, and restaurants.

Aquamaison, Inc. can provide consulting services for the construction of concrete barges almost anywhere in the world.

Ian Moody, the president of Aquamaison, Inc., who has built over three hundred and sixty concrete barges over the past thirty years, will visit your site to evaluate all of the local conditions, including launching facilities, availability and quality of local materials and testing of local concrete components for compliance with applicable ASTM codes.

If necessary, he will supervise the construction of launching facilities, as this is one of the most critical elements in the successful construction of a leak free concrete barge.

Please contact us for an estimate of cost for your project.

In February 2009, Aquamaison, Inc. began construction on the first of three concrete barges for the Ecuadorian Coast Guard, in the city of Guayaquil, Ecuador. The project was undertaken with Aquamaison, Inc. acting as consultant to Mastersoft SA, an Ecuadorian contractor.

The barges are to house mobile outposts for the Coast Guard, and will be anchored at protected offshore locations along the coast of Ecuador, with a thirteen man and two officer crew, and two high speed thirty foot boats.

The barge area is divided into eight separate chambers with watertight bulkhead doors, and contain tanks for gasoline (10,000 gal) diesel (10,000 gal) water maker, a sewage treatment plant and twin high output diesel gennerators.

As shown in the photograph, Mobile Outpost # 1 was anchored in position at Isla Santa Clara on July 24th 2009, and is now operational. The remaing two units are being completed at this time and are expeced to all be deployed by October 2009.

The barges measure 51 feet by forty two feet, and are eight foot six inches high. The structure is thirty six feet by thirty eight feet, and twenty seven feet high. The total weight with gasoline, diesel and water is in excess of 800,000 lb.